Friday, November 7, 2008

For a good cause - A Kit for Lilly

Here is an excerpt from the Raspberry Road blog:

I received a request about three weeks ago from a young lady who had heard that I do request kits for special circumstances. Lilly is a teenager who has a terrible illness but she has asked that no details be shared. She inquired about getting a kit designed that had fun colors but not too pastel. She loves doodles and the colors teal, orange and green so I had my basics down but found that I was needing something extra special to designs the papers with. I went to my usual stock photography place and right there under flowers was the most stunning and perfect set of flowers. I knew I had to have these so I contacted the artist and she was so gracious and allowed me to use these for such a good cause so make sure you check out the link to her site and say hi. Thank you magicmarie for the beautiful graphic and I know Lilly will appreciate it as well.Me and the girls have decided to donate the proceeds from the sale of all these things we design over the next few days to St. Jude in Memphis. They do such miraculous things there and I know that they work from donations.

Susan asked the Raspberry Girls to create a few quick pages for this project. The girls responded with an overwhelming number of pages, a keyplate album, and even some add-ons to the kit.

Go to Susan's blog to read more about this project and see previews of the kit, the add-ons, the quick pages made by the Raspberry Girls and everything else associated with this request kit. More items will be added over the next few days, so check back often. Please add this kit to your list of purchases, it is for a good cause.


Agnieszka(aapas) said...

Great idea with the project! Heading to see the kit!

Jamie Lee said...

Great story! The kit sounds great... going to check it out now!

dawn inskip said...

Fantastic idea. Hope it's successful - have a fab weekend

Maryse said...

Hi Carol :))
I went here just to say "hi" :))

Anonymous said...

Carol thank you so much for posting about this and helping to keep things lined out and running so smoothly.
Susan of RRD

Maryse said...

Thank you Carol for the nice comment for my birthday :))